The Opiate Task Force


The Delaware County Opiate Task Force raises public awareness, educates the community, and eliminates opiate abuse and its consequences from every segment of our community.

We are taking back our communities, our neighborhoods and our families from drug abuse. We hope you will be a supportive part of the Opiate Task Force effort to fight drug abuse in Delaware County. We need help on our committees and in the community. Contact us today for more details.

Judge David Sunderman, Delaware County Municipal Court
Steve Hedge, Executive Director, Delaware-Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Services Board

Behavioral Health Work Group, Grant Schroeder, Chairperson
Education and Community Outreach, Traci Whittaker, Chairperson
Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections, Judge Everett Krueger and Sgt. Randy Pohl, Chairpersons


Andrews,   David   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Armstrong,   Michele   Olentangy Local School District
Beachy,   Kenton   Recovery & Prevention Resources of Delaware and Morrow Counties
Boruchowitz,   Ben   Powell Police Department
Bowe,   Joan   Delaware General Health District
Boykin,   Marilyn   Delaware County
Braun,   Judy   Center for Vocational Alternatives
Brenner,   Andrew   The Ohio House of Representatives
Butler,   Steve   Big Walnut School District
Cagnina,   Mary   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Coffman,   Diana   Community Action Organization of Delaware, Madison & Union Counties, Inc.
Coleman,   Paul   Maryhaven
Cram,   Patty   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Damron,   Paul   Delaware-Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Services Board
Datko,   Julie   Delaware County Prosecutor's Office
Dickerson,   Chynia   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Doty,   Jason   Delaware County Sheriff’s Office
Dumolt,   Doug   Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office
Ervin,   David   West Central Community Correctional Facility
Eufinger,   John   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Fabrisi,   Pat   Columbus State Community College
Freeman,   Mary Beth   Delaware Area Career Center
Gentile,   Pete   Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Gormley,   David   Delaware Municipal Court
Gould,   Robert   Grady Memorial Hospital/OhioHealth
Griffing,   Meg   Center for Vocational Alternatives
Guebert,   Rand   Citizen
Hammett,   Will   Grady Memorial Hospital/OhioHealth
Hardwick,   Michael    
Hedge,   Steve   Delaware-Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Services Board
Heindel,   Tina   Delaware County Sheriff's Office
Herbert,   Will   Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office
Hickman,   Mark   Delaware County Coroner
Hill,   Amy   Delaware-Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Services Board
Hochstetler,   Lois   Alvis House
Hoover,   Phil   Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office
Jarrell,   Jennifer   10tv News
Jenkins,   Shancie   Delaware County Job and Family Services
Jordan,   Kris   The Ohio Senate
Kaitsa,   George   Delaware County Auditor's Office
Kasha-Ciallella,   Carol   Recovery & Prevention Resources of Delaware and Morrow Counties
Klages,   Ed   Delaware County Common Pleas Court
Krueger,   Everett   Delaware County Common Pleas Court
Krupp,   Julie   Drug-Free Delaware
Kryc,   Rick   Meijer Pharmacy
Laing,   Rachel   Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office
LeMaster,   Lisa   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Lencl,   Max   Helpline of Delaware and Morrow Counties
Linville,   Diane   Delaware County
Lyon,   Barbara   United Way of Delaware County
Martin,   Russ   Delaware County Sheriff's Office
Maxey,   Elizabeth   Olentangy Local School District
McDonald,   Gordon   Delaware Christian School
McMillen,   Ron   Westerville Police Department
McWatters,   Kathy   Delaware County Family and Children First Council
Merrell,   Gary   Delaware County Commissioners Office
Mickens,   Chris   Ohio Wesleyan University
Miksch,   Hal   Citizen
Milisavljevich,   Laura   Dublin Springs Hospital
Milner,   Rhonda   Maryhaven
Missman,   Doug   Delaware County Adult Court
Mittendorf,   Gary   Citizen
Moore,   Russ   Westerville Police Department
Morbitzer,   Joe   Westerville Police Department
Munger,   Kate   Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office
Murray,   Katie   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Nelson,   April   Delaware County Municipal Court
Noon,   Jamie   Center for Vocational Alternatives
O'Brien,   Carol   Delaware County Prosecutor's Office
O'Brien,   Ken   Delaware County Commissioners Office
Otten,   Kassandra   Delaware County Sheriff's Office
Owen,   Christie   Olentangy School District
Perry,   Joseph   Delaware County Sheriff’s Office
Peterson,   Jon   Delaware County Treasurer
Pijanowski,   Bruce   Delaware City Police Department
Pohl,   Randy   Delaware County Sheriff's Office
Raiff,   Mark   Olentangy Local School District
Robeson,   Del   Delaware-Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Services Board
Robinson,   Jeff   State Board of Regents
Rohrer, Kyle   Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office
Ross,   Julie   Maryhaven
Ruffing,   Peter   Delaware County Prosecutor's Office
Ann   Ruhl, Margaret   Ohio House of Representatives
Rupp,   Travis   Buckey Valley School District
Sallows,   Ron   Powell Police Department
Salzberg,   Sarita   Maryhaven
Savage,   Kevin   Delaware County Sheriff's Office
Scheidt,   Bonnie   Delaware County Juvenile Court
Schroeder,   Grant   Maryhaven
Scowden,   Jon   City of Westerville Police Dept.
Spicer,   Ken   Delaware County Common Pleas Court
Stapleton,   Dennis   Delaware County Commissioners Office
Steele,   Richard   Maryhaven
Steinhoff,   Bill   Drug-Free Delaware
Stout,   Dave   Genoa Township Police Department
Stubbs-Wilson,   Malaika   Drug Free Action Alliance
Sunderman,   David   Delaware Municipal Court
Taglione,   Mark   Delaware County Adult Court
Talik,   Daniel   The Ohio House of Representatives
Taylor,   Robert   Genoa Township Police Department
Teahan,   Colleen   Delaware County Court of Common Pleas
Thomas,   Donna   Turning Point
Travis,   Mark   Central Ohio Mental Health Center
Vest,   Gary   Powell Police Department
Veverka,   Fran   Delaware General Health District
Ware,   Sue   Delaware County Department of Job and Family Services
Watson,   Dave   Grady Memorial Hospital/OhioHealth
Whited,   Tracy   Delaware County Sheriff's Office
Whitney,   Duncan   Delaware County Common Pleas Court
Whittaker,   Traci   Delaware County Health Department
Whitten,   Debbie   Second Chance Counseling
Williams,   Tony   Recovery & Prevention Resources of Delaware and Morrow Counties
Winbigler,   Laurie   Adult Court Services
Wood,   Andrea   Delaware County
Wood,   Robert   Ohio Wesleyan University
Yager,   Corrine   Delaware County Department of Job and Family Services
Yankie,   Patrick   Delaware County Sheriff's Office